OCT Classification Of Diabetic Macular edema

The detection of clinical thickening of the macula has been possible

unless the foveal thickness is more than 1.33 times the normal retinal

thickness values.

OCT sensitivity to detect DME is very high (98.6 %)

Evaluation of the OCT scans demonstrated five distinct patterns of


Type 1: focal macular thickening (30.3 %)


Type 2: Diffuse thickening without cysts (20.9 %)


Type 3: diffuse cystoid macular edema (35.7 %)


Type 4: Tractional macular edema

4A: posterior hyaloid traction (7.1 %)


4B: epiretinal membrane (6 %)


4C: both posterior hyaloid and epiretinal membrane (3.2 %)


Type 5: DME from one of the previous types associated to a macular

serous retinal detachment (8.6 %).


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