Bionic Eye Implants:

Bionics the word 'bionic' is a combination of two words 'biology' and 'electronic.' A bionic eye is constructed from an array of stimulating electrodes. Components of Bionic Eye: Bionic eye system consists of a small digital camera, external processor and a implant with a microchip and stimulating electrodes surgically placed in the back of the eye... Continue Reading →


Binkhorst Medal 2017 awarded to Dr. Malyugin

“The small pupil is a big problem for cataract surgeons, increasing the risk of complications that include iris trauma, capsular rupture, vitreous loss, and inflammation,” said Boris D. Malyugin, MD, PhD. At the 2017 ASCRS meeting, Dr. Malyugin was honored for his pioneering innovation and other contributions by being selected as the recipient of the... Continue Reading →

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